5 Poker FaceBook Posts

Grabbed some random posts about poker on social media and decided to provide my personal opinions.

These were taken from posts I seen in a 1 hour check of the poker groups and  communities that have found their way onto my Facebook timeline of over the course of the years.  I keep a few around because they provide useful information.  I keep some around because they make me laugh . The majority are an absolute waste of time in my opinion, but I troll them anyway because  a few of my online poker buddies or advisaries hang out on them.


Does anyone have any insight on what I should have done here ? Just looking for Constructive criticism
Constructive criticism in a poker forum ?

Obviously this fella faced the vile responses one may get when asking “a real personal poker question” on social media. I fear his attempt to put qualifications “not people being jerks” on those who feel like responding to his question may fall on deaf ears .   My Advice : If you must end your post / question with this sort of qualifier, I would suggest not posting it at all. Join a closed poker group or forum. One that is specifically there for these sort of questions.  (There are Jerks in these also I am afraid, but at least everyone on Facebook will not see them being rude to you)


Should psychic players be allowed in poker games ? Really ?
         Should psychics be allowed in poker games ?

I had to read this one a few times and I am glad I did.   You see this is a good example of why keeping up with my facebook poker timeline is a priority .  I could miss gems like this guy’s post. I would have missed the news on a cutting edge scientific breakthrough in the poker world. I mean imagine if a sample of your DNA could tell if you were a poker psychic ?  Really, think about that one ………………………….  I actually responded to this post asking why a superhero would want to play cards and I agree that is just mean of me . See #1 on this list. 


I will admit it may cause depression but poker addiction will not kill you
Will Poker Kill You ?

I hope you are like myself and have wrestled with this same exact question at least 2 or 3 times a day !  I will just assume everyone has .. I feel so much better now knowing  that I’m not the only one who had been hoping someone would post a definitive answer to to the poker addiction / death question. To quote OP :  Poker addiction may cause depression but everyone can rest easy that it will not kill you. Lots of poker players slept well after reading this good samaritan’s poker post.


Bitcoin - You should probably figure it out bro. #Bitcoin2017
BTC 2017 in Poker

I am guessing this one is probably only entertaining to me . “#BTC2017” ..   wow I’m  dying with laughter guys.  MOVING ON


60 bucks for poker BR is awful
My Favorite answer to the bankroll question . I once found $20, that doesn’t make walking around looking for money a good job.

Finally my all time recent favourite answer to the “Bankroll / Buy-in Question“.   I forgot to get a screenshot of the OP’s question, but it was something along these lines : “I have $20. What sort of BankRoll management do I need to use to play online poker?”. I hope OP realizes that he got a top notch answer here.  I am being serious. He really did.

Noodle …….


Here is a random quote from someone other than me.

Tilt reciprocality recognizes that any reduction, however small, in the frequencies, durations, and depths of your own tiltings will always have the effect of favorably widening the gap between your tilt and theirs, thereby earning immediate reciprocal advantage. To make money from tilt, you don’t need to be tiltless. But you do have to tilt less.


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