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Who is Noodle (noodletheriver)?


I am a database administrator /slash/ , quality assurance /slash/ , software expert,/slash/ liaison for a very large IT company.

I got tagged with the name  Noodle when I was much younger and playing poker in high school. If you are not familiar with the verb “noodle”, it is the act of catching a fish with your hands. This term has recently become popular by a  television show on the Animal Planet network in the United States . It has been sort of a blessing as recently I don’t have to answer that question as often If you are already thinking it. “YES,”  I am from Texas. Of course I have participated in “noodling”. 

What I do online : 

I and my wife  have been building and producing online content for over 15 years . I am very compulsive and have a passion for creating something different or making something better in a subject I am interested in. I have had  a passion for poker, sports, and playing fantasy sports for as long as I can remember so it stands to reason that most of my focus and portfolio has been done in this area. I attempt with the help of my very talented wife to put a creative, artistic, and sometimes humorous  stamp on whatever we touch.  There is such a  long list of other services in several fields that we deal with. I would like to think we are one of a kind  when it comes to whatever we set out to do. From  SEO,  geographical advertising , video production, promotions, software design, and the list goes on.

  • If you are interested our services or have an idea that you would like to work on together please contact us. If we think it is good, we shall discuss and if it sucks then I will tell you it sucks.  And if you still want to pay us for something that suck, look good but still suck then, by all means, go ahead.
  • PLease Note :   If you are looking to mass produce “free sites” to / or saturate keywords or replicate a site to ride its coattails then I will not be interested. I realize that there may be money to be made using these tactics however I’m not interested in that business.

We want to make something unique for you!

Think it up ! write it down!  Send it to us!


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