Happy Holidays to the poker and sports community

Christmas is near and the year is almost over .

It has been quite a year for me . All of the hard work I put in is beginning to be rewarded. Such as you would expect after countless hours of studying and practicing at the tables or late hours going over every statistic  before finally deciding on your Sunday NFL lineups . Too many see the guy at the end holding up the big winnings and think he just won the lottery. They don’t see the sacrifices , hours of work, and the many times they may have failed just to get back on the horse and keep going . But this time of year I like to think of those less fortunate and give thanks to those who were and are there to help me when I was down , needed help, and who believed in me even if they no idea what sports betting or poker were. Also to thank the awesome people in the online poker community and fantasy sports community. To an outsider watching the news about DFS and poker it must look like we could all be  greasy hustlers trying to take your last $.Nothing could be further from the truth .I can count more than a few shady people in the years I have been in this business but for every one of those I can count fifty of some of the most generous honest folks you could ever hope to meet. I am sure I am going to leave some out but to name a few  who this  year deserve my humble thanks are in no particular order : The Got to Talk Poker community,  The HeartBeatPoker community , Paul Featherstone and best PLO8 MTT player I know. AL Spath the greatest poker coach in the business. JD Twitch guru and  Josh and all the other folks in the STAKE SAUCE POKER PLAYERS FORUM FB community who stayed beside me when everything wet to shit with one of my sites :(.  Drush and Samo from HBP and Ace High Radio who  trusted  me enough to take me in when all chips are on the table so to speak. To the guys at Dream Host who helped me through all the phone calls as I learned PHP ,WordPress, Ruby, and all kinds of other stuff that it  takes to make the web run these days . I could name a thousand other good guys but it would run on and on. Of course my family , wife and kids , mom, aunts and uncles and close friends who are always there even though they don’t know a GPP from a MTT to SNG – they are always there and I am blessed to have met and know you all . Of all the tips I have given or ever will give you about playing these games that we play is that they are nothing if you don’t have people around you to share them with so make sure they are your priority and if they haven’t been then make a promise that they will be in the upcoming new year . Happy Holidays !!! NOODLE.

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