Just Being Thankful on ThanksGiving – No Poker or DFS Ramblings

        I know I ramble about poker and the Daily Fantasy sports world , but today

Just  reflecting on LIFE.

I will not be playing poker .

I will be rooting for my Dallas Cowboys and that is about it.
Well other than writing this just enjoying myself.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Enjoy the NFL games today and root for the Dallas Cowboys if your team is not playing !

Also I want you to find something or all of the things that you are bless to have now or have had in your life or in poker or fantasy sports career but mainly your life.

In my case it will always be my family and close friends first , but I will always be very thankful to all of the poker and DFS players , coaches , developers that are now friends , business partners, and fellow entrepreneurs that have helped me get

back into winning on the table and in the online content world.

I have met some shady people as I am sure everyone has  in this business,  but I  have always found that if you’re honest and work hard and show your dedication the poker and web developer community all the way from the rookies to the top professionals will go out of their way to give you a helping hand.

So thanks to everyone. You know who you are !

I hope I gave back what little I could and as I progress and  it will always be one of my top priorities to pay this forward to any of the new up and coming hard working guys and gals  out there .

Happy Thanksgiving from Noodle and the United States .
Jam the River

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