My husband is engaging on online fantasy, what?!

Guest post from Mrs. NoodlePicture

As the late night winds down in the Noodle Household, Mr. Noodle and Mrs. Noddle have big plans for the night.

They are exhausted from a long day of working, chauffeuring the little ones to and from school, events and such. They end the day having dinner and wrangling all the kids in for bed time. They high five each other after successfully halting multiple escape attempts of a particularly crafty 3 year old.

Aaahhhh…. Breathe it in… no screaming kids… no barking dogs…it won’t last long.

Fantasy sports draft - getting busy with the wife
Queue The Music- Bow Chicka Moh Moh

No kids + peace + quiet = Noodlie Time Together

The Mr. pulls out his….
Laptop from his bag.
The Mrs. Slides on over
to her desktop computer now the
Clicking and clacking
of keyboards begin.
Wife: How was your day? What are you working on?

Husband: I am online updating my Fantasy picks.

Wife: (not hearing husband’s answers)  um-hmm You don’t say? Really? That’s nice honey – Well I have to finishing up this volunteer project for kid’s school.

How was your day ? Me Noodle : It was fine I am looking at my drank kinds NBA picks. Wife : Oh really thats nice honey
Everyday small talk when setting your line ups

They half way listen to each others banter as each they knock out their respective to-do list of the evening. After a few minutes they climb into bed, kiss each other good night and turn off the lights.
An hour later…the warm comfy covers fly open, the light is swiftly switched on as the wife questions the still snoozing husband.
Husband is engaging in on-line fantasy-WHAT?
Wife thinks husband cheating after finding fantasy sports sites

“You are engaging on Online Fantasy what?!” she demands to know
“Sports” he mutters.“Oh, Online Fantasy Sports – very well then good night” covers back on and lights back off.

The very next morning she promptly googles Online Fantasy Sports, top his being FanFuel and Draft Kings with various articles following. It’s legit, she vows to never speak of it again.


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