Poker is not what you think it is. Poker is exactly what you think it is.What ?

Talk about poker with people who play poker. Easy game.

Sometimes I am just thinking about something random or reading about some random subject and this random shit is always routed by my OCD brain to something I am interested in such as poker. Anyone who has spent a few hours time with me will testify to my  randomness crap.  Here is some more of it .

The consensus in poker is the game is too complex for anyone to truly master. If this is true and poker mastery resides on some unreachable place with the information needed to mastery being too grand for a human to learn in one lifetime than at some point in time while learning it we will begin our personal version or our own perception of what it is to play a poker game. 

I can hear anyone reading this right now.  “What in the holy f**k are you talking about ?”

What I mean is that if you play and study this game long enough it becomes something unique only to yourself. Because we will all catch incomplete pieces of the information available. Some will understand  some parts  better than the next guy and vice versa,  thus our perception’s of a poker game will never be the same.  We will have a different understanding of it because we do not receive the same information and the information we do gather will always be incomplete. This is why it is great for your game to talk shop or walk through hands. Talk with the beginning players as well as everyone else at different stages in  their game up to the best players you know. Try to see the game from their point of view. Make sure to listen with the mindset that you do not know it all. When you think along these lines in poker and other things you can be like me and go way down a fucking rabbit hole applying it to other shit we know we will never know. Which is heaping piles on top of piles of shit when you think about it! I must stop thinking about it . Now you think about it .  Sleep well and let your brain take a rest in the fact that knowing  you do not know something is powerful knowledge. If this just too fucking mental or deep for you I suggest googling the 8 blind men and an elephant story. It explains it pretty well .

Run good and if you don’t then,  don’t cry about it !

Let’s watch some football and drink ,


Quote from someone other than me : 

In many cases, incompetence does not leave people disoriented, perplexed, or cautious. Instead, the incompetent is often blessed with an inappropriate confidence, buoyed by something that feels to them like knowledge.


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2 thoughts on “ Poker is not what you think it is. Poker is exactly what you think it is.What ?

  1. Poker is easy. Well, once you have a fair understanding of what your odds are drawing to an inside straight. 🙂

    …and how wild cards affect the game.

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