Poker Stars done in Israel – Slovenia. Da FUQ ?

I was just talking with another OddandOuts Streamer about the new creative poker recently hails from the Slovenian Serbia-Croatia area.

CLUB_Gradient_GreenOlder players myself included will remember the area from the  apocalyptic civil war they had that started America’s reputation as a world police force and has declined since.  I have many friends here in the states that came as refugees in our generation. All of them incredible people. The war was fucking bad and not sure why it is not more widely known. But the war is a story for another time.

The streamers I mention are  poker coach Scrimitzu (or as I know him Tudor Stefan ) and his student DaPokerGun or House Pinterik .
Both run their own live poker shows and stand out as talented and watchable in a field of incredible mess terrible poker players streaming hideous shit. I am sure my review does look good but the TRUTH IS  ironic.  I don’t like to watch people stream poker games.  Odd for someone who just spent 6 months building a streaming poker channel. So the fact these guys are able to keep me entertained and interested gives them an A plus in Twitch Poker.

I am still pissed about Stars Draft closing without a fight. No explanation other than it was being frowned upon. By who ? We were never told and I expect the same  on their latest amputees.

So now I guess these guys out of action the only players I will be watching now are my team-mates (The Lango, The Gaz, Reality Poker, ohpleez,  ). I must say I still catch the PPI guys when I can..
Other than that , don’t give 2 fucks. Not that I don’t love all the Twitch guys. I just can’t watch the streams. – So from me also FK You Poker Stars !

This was posted on Russian Poker site
DaPokerGun” telling you about the Poker Stars decision during the first hour and a half on twitch stream, in which he expressed his indignation. You can watch it on our website (carefully, in the video is obscene vocabulary): RANT FUCK STARS – FUCK Slovenia.

Run Good Everyone NoodleTheRiver.

Tip for the day : of all the skills you can be great at in poker. 
In my opinion, nothing will ever top your hand reading skills!!! 

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