Megatool AnAlySIS and Projection Software that out performs full time employees who's job it is do make these predictions
Megatool AnAlySIS and Projection Software that out performs full time employees who’s job it is do make these predictions
Before Poker Stars took over VICTIV to become STARSDRAFT  they offered access to a predicting software called Megatool. It performed Analysis (analyzing historical data) or Projection (projecting fantasy points for next week). I am not sure where it went but all roads now point to Poker Stars and it is no longer available.  I always felt that Megatool was worthy of a great album cover to rival any top rock group.

The claim is that that the algorithm outperformed human experts who are employed full time to make these predictions. There are blog posts that still reference megatool, however the names and links have been altered. As I read through archived post I know I am on the right path.  As mentioned before I am a veteran poker player and fantasy sports geek in analyzing terminology through well documented blogs I am validated as I predicted the two appear to be merging into one another.
This predicting software uses a mathematical approach to the issue of fantasy predictions. In poker math is fundamental to playing a winning game. Nothing unusual there -but in poker to using a piece of software to make your decisions for you is banned and shunned across the poker community. So what transpires when the largest poker business on the planet decides it may have almost neglected to partake on the biggest money making venture gambling wise since the online poker boom?
It infiltrates the fantasy business and puts a poker stamp on it. Not just PokerStars but what I like to call the Old Guard. How did they do this so quickly? Because the infrastructure to do so was already there. Pure Genius.  I’ll outline why, how, and who is running this show in upcoming posts. I’ve got priorities brother –  tomorrow is NFL Sunday and there is college ball on today -not mention the MLB playoff race is heating up.
3 TIPS for UltimaTE DFS experience = Rake Back, No Cheap quarter backs, Always make time to watch your fav team.
3 TIPS for UltimaTE DFS experience
3 pieces of advice to leave you with:
Number 1 – Do not go cheap on a QB on any fantasy football line-up.
Number 2 – Get rake back from your DFS account. This is money back from every game you play. Email me for the correct way to do this and the old school reliable rakeback sites you can trust.
Number 3 – Do not let the DFS experience ruin your love for watching sports! The more I read into this the more I see the poker in it. People who once loved the game now blaming online poker sites for ruining any love they once had for it.The Noodle (NoodletheRiver)

Math and statistics can take you a long way in predicting fantasy football picks. BUt these methods are only as good as the data used to get them

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