You’re Going to be a Winning Poker Player! You’re going to do it by failing.

Then you’re going to do it again tomorrow ! Starting today!  

I think I take this to the extreme at times. I try to take a bunch of steps all in different directions. Right steps and wrong steps. But I keep taking them.  I believe info here is a good way to look at your poker game, career, and for life in general. To talk in poker terms:  There is a reason you are not 3 betting in position enough, a reason you are not stealing abandoned pots enough,  you are not shoving or calling within ICM ranges.  Possibly you are not, or never, studied ranges at all? Maybe you have reasons you are not stealing or playing aggressively late in MTTs and SNGs?  Are you studying and being critical of your own play? Do you practice good bankroll management ? Is there a reason you don’t practice it at all?


Anyone have a guess what the reason is for all the above ? SPOILER :  “It is because these things are hard” .You know there are countless things you haven’t learned or do well at in poker.

You know you should practice these plays and study ICM but you don’t know where to start. You may have tried learning some of these subjects, but it got hard and just brought up more questions. You hear that other variants of the games or other poker sites are more profitable but it is a hassle to change sites or learn PLO or 7Stud. So where and how does one start on fixing this ?  I find myself in this mindset more than I would like to admit, I find comfort when I think every good poker player we will meet has been in this same mental spot. And I guarantee, every single one of those winning players decided on one thing when they were here. They decided to take a single step in the right direction.


A Step , and another step, and possibly a trip up and a failure.

It’s the same for anything you want to achieve in life that is worth a damn. You know it will be a long, difficult journey.  You will have to come to terms with things you don’t like about yourself.  You are going to fail and you will have to drag your ass back up. You are going to lose your way at times. You will at times feel stuck or frozen, just as you do now. So think about it…  you know if you are losing.You know you need to do these things to be a winning player. But in the the end you may never even start on any of these things.   Why in the hell do we do this ?


One Single Action. The First Fucking Step


Just one. One that may seem like a leap or a jump off a cliff, but at least it is movement, right ?

So here are some things I try to focus on to push myself to move.  Something I try to remember when I recognise an issue  or have a  desire to get better at one area or subject .  

I start by taking one meaningful action towards it. It doesn’t have to be a life changing and it doesn’t need to yield immediate results (Poker doesn’t work like that anyway) , But it must be meaningful to you . It doesn’t even have to be the correct first step. It just has to be taken.

That is right You have to suck it up and try bitches !

You can figure whether you’re on the right path or if you need a map and compass or possibly a coach later but for now just get your ass in gear. You may take a few steps forward and then take a step backwards, but you can iron out all the details along the way.  You can correct the path once you get yourself in motion!

But you need to pull that fucking trigger now and get the ball rolling.  Take one step guys.

It is critical if you want to be a winner at poker or whatever game you’re looking to master.

The first step may be the hardest but  what have you got to lose by taking it so screw it?  I have found that after you start the steps become easier little by little . It will be a long journey . And it will be mostly an uphill climb, but being an elite at something takes practice. You don’t start out reaching for the peak of a mountain . You start by taking your eyes off how hard the climb is and how far away the top looks . Then you grit your teeth, take a deep breath,  focus your eyes on best path and  start your lazy ass in that direction.


You don’t have to listen to me. I decide to take first steps all the time in a variety of things. Most of them I fail at more than once before I become good at it . I have these hiccups for the learning curve that seem insurmountable, but these are when you really need pay attention.  You can learn about self.

You need to hop right back up, learn from what happened and keep on keepin’ on .

These first steps, and thousands of others, are really the paths we lead in all of our lives. Decided time after time .

You start at the beginning of an unknown journey towards being the best you can be. You put one foot in front of the other. JUST GO DO IT


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